Success Stories & Testimonials

Here is Jackie G’s personal training success story:

Personal trainer John Blankenship's Results

Jackie before/after training with John Blankenship 7 months

John Blankenship Personal Trainer Results

Jackie before/after training with John Blankenship 7 months

“I was approaching my 40th birthday… I had just finished graduate school and had been under quite a lot of stress.  My lack of self care had really taken a toll on my health and appearance. I was over 160 lbs… I went from a size 10-12 to a size 4-6 and lost 30lbs!

John Blankenship was my coach, cheerleader, and teammate all in one.  John really listened to me and focused on my individual strengths and weaknesses.  He developed a 6th sense about whether something was too difficult or whether I was slacking off, and he pushed me just the right amount.  John was very creative and the variety made each session tough but fun.  John presented an unwavering belief in me and gave me steady but determined support.  When I had successes, he celebrated with me.  When I slipped up he didn’t berate me about it, but refocused me toward my goals.

Thanks to John’s direction, I have totally changed the way that I eat.  He taught me how nutrition and exercise work hand in hand and helped me to evaluate my daily food choices.  Out are the days of fast junk food and in are the days of whole grains, fruits & veggies.  John was right, I feel 100% better when I eat well and I DON’T miss the junk.” ~ Jackie G.

“Jackie went from 36.9% body fat to 24.5% in only 6 months and lost almost 4.5 inches from each measurement (bust, waist, and hips). When she started she couldn’t do a pushup, but later was able to do 30 pushups in a row. I’m really proud of the total health transformation Jackie made.”
~ John Blankenship, certified personal trainer

More success stories and praise for Your Best Body Kauai:

“Thank you for the great job you do in training me! I appreciate your preparedness, knowledge base, enthusiasm, sense of humor, training style, and encouragement. You have gotten me closer to my goal than anyone. I know I’m my own worst enemy and I’m working on that! What I like about you is that you don’t let my backsliding become a reason for failure – or an excuse for failure. You just get me right back on track and tell me what I need to do. You are an excellent motivator and you give me 100% of your attention while we are training. Also, you have a passion for what you do and it shows. You are creative with your workouts and you always keep it interesting. Time flies when we train together. Thank you for all you bring to the table (or should I say to the mat?)” ~Jennie R.


“I am 60 years old and have engaged with personal trainers many times here and in Los Angeles where I moved from in the late 1980’s. I can say without reservation that John is simply the best personal trainer I have had the privilege of working with. His knowledge of the body, specifically the muscular systems as well as his experience in designing a workout regime tailored to the needs of the individual is exemplary.

One aspect of John’s talent that is particularly revealing is the completeness of his assessment – not just initially, but each time you work out with John. Detailed questions on one’s muscle tone, tightness, and overall feelings all designed to avoid injury and to make the most of each session. Make no mistake, John works his subjects hard but I can honestly say that I never feared a session with John knowing that he would make the time work the best for me without worrying about a pulled muscle or an injury even if I arrived sore or tired.

Finally, John left me with an arsenal of techniques for stretching as well as an awareness of exactly how I should react if muscles started to cramp or pull. But the bottom line is that I lost a ton of weight with John’s sessions and I am in the best shape of my life… I was lucky to have been under his care.” ~Andrew L.


“I had been through such a dark time with pain and injury. My confidence was shaken. I felt totally safe with your guidance and instruction. You are gifted at what you do! Thank you! Thank you! …my glutes, abs, hip flexors, IT bands, hamstrings, piriformis, quads, delts… all thank you!” ~Bonnie S.


“Thank you so much for all your help this past month and a half. I couldn’t have had a more perfect trainer. You pushed me to get in so much better shape in just a month’s time. I’m confident that I now have the knowledge to continue on getting more fit. Since working with you I’ve become a much stronger person both physically and mentally and for that I can’t thank you enough. I truly benefited from your training more than I have from any other trainer. When you open your personal training studio… I will be the first in line.” ~Sara D.


Over the past few years your expert guidance has allowed me to lose excess pounds and regain my health. You also motivated my husband to seek out a lifestyle [that] includes exercise and sane eating. We were both sure that he would forever need to walk with a cane and, in the future, be forced to use a scooter to cover ground. John has shaken off that perception and knows that with continued work he can also enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Both of us will miss you… not only as a trainer but as a mentor and friend.” ~Linda & John G.

“I was hiking with my family and my husband took a picture while I was lifting my son up and  he said ‘Look! You have Sarah Connor arms!”.Robin K (referring to “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” – see blog post “Getting ‘Sarah Connor arms'”)