Getting Sarah Connor Arms

I was reviewing with a client what activities she’d done over the past weekend and she said, “I was hiking with my family and my husband took a picture while I was lifting up my son and he said ‘Look! You have Sarah Connor arms!”. ~ Robin K (referring to “Terminator 2: Judgement Day”)

So what does it take to get Sarah Connor arms? It requires a heavier weight training program of lifting at least 2 t0 3 times a week. The general difference between lifting 2 to 3 times a week is that for women it generally takes 3 days a week of weightlifting to become strong enough to do for example “full-body push ups” with ease. For my client Robin, she exercises an average of 5 to 6 times a week if we include her 2 personal training sessions each week, the elliptical machine she uses for cardio at home, as well as her hiking on the weekends. After dropping 17 lbs and looking and feeling great, Robin has asked to increase her lifting sessions to 3 times a week to get “shredded” as well as to increase her strength. Sarah Connor arms require gaining some muscle as well as shedding enough body fat that the independent lines of muscle underneath the body fat become visible. We refer to this as looking “toned.” Merely losing body fat through calorie restriction will have you looking skinnier yes, but if you’re going for that functionally fit I-can-survive-the-next-apocalypse strength / look, it will require learning how to lift heavy enough weight properly that change occurs.