Whether we train in the privacy of your home, at the beach,
or in the gym, your fitness goal is my priority.


John Blankenship has trained over 16 ,000 sessions with 12 years of experience in personal training. He enjoys working with people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

He is a corrective exercise and performance enhancement specialist certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He uses proven techniques that not only prevent injury while working out, but can eliminate all-too-common muscle and joint pain caused by poor posture, inactivity, and repetitive movements.

“My passion is to help clients reach their goals, whether it be to lose excess weight, get stronger, remove muscle aches, improve posture, ditch the cane or scooter or return to and perform better in sporting events or weekend hobbies.”

You and I will work one-on-one together to develop a personalized exercise program.

For those who are finished with Physical Therapy and are looking to become functionally stronger, I offer post-rehabilitation personal training which I have been doing for over a decade. I will speak with your physical therapist or doctor to discuss your particular issues.

Whatever your goal, we can embark on Your Best Body today!